Ticino Hotels Rewards

Your Loyalty Is All In A Program

Register today for our loyalty program with the Fidelity Card of Ticino Hotels Group.

Start enjoying the benefits and experience your most special moments at the Ticino Hotels Group Hotels:    

Hotel/Restaurant/Bar/DOT.SpaVilla Principe Leopoldo5 stars, Lugano
Hotel/Restaurant/Bar/DOT.SpaKurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa4 stars sup., Cademario (Lugano)
Hotel/ Restaurant /Bar/DOT.Spa/Fitness
Villa Sassa4 stars sup., Lugano
Hotel/ RestaurantPark Hotel Principe4 stars, Lugano

Become a member of the Fidelity Card program and you will immediately receive great benefits. Earn and redeem points at our 5 hotels.
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Your Purchases Are Rewarded
With each purchase, you accumulate points to have access to exclusive benefits: 

  • Hotel stay
    10 CHF = 10 points
  • Restaurant and Bar 
    10 CHF = 2 points
  • Spa, Wellness And Fitness 
    10 CHF = 4 points

Thanks to your loyalty card number, you can easily access your points balance directly from the Ticino Hotels Group Fidelity Card app that you can download from Itunes and Google play.

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